Power Supply

Art For The Ears 12” of power – Eurorack buss board for use with Flower power supply using Microfit3 Molex connector – Can also be used with other supplies if fed with an IDC ribbon cable to one of the headers – SMD design allows for unit to be double sided taped to inside of case – Mounting holes allow for securing to case using fasteners – 16 nonshrouded LDC headers – Well labeled for proper hookup orientation

Art For The Ears Flower Power – Eurorack regulated switching power supply – Rated for 2A,1.5A,1.5A on the +12v,-12v,+5v rails respectively – Uses high end switching regulators which have internal short circuit protection – Extremely low ripple – Very efficient, up t 97% efficiency – 4 connections on back to feed buss boards and flying ribbons – 4hp panel mounted design – Availible in two colors, black and white – Fed by 15-19vdc using a 2.1mm barrel connector with center pin positive

Art For The ears Microfit3 Molex connection wire – Used to feed power to Art For The Ears Bussboards – Fits through grill holes in the sides and back of M2 boats to share power


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